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(East Brunswick, NJ) – Yesterday afternoon, Deputy Assembly Speaker Upendra Chivukula visited the Raritan Valley YMCA and read to approximately 50 campers between five and ten years of age and donated more than 250 books to encourage summer reading. Campers received one book of their choice. The remainder were donated to the YMCA’s summer camp program and to the Raritan Valley YMCA’s library. Read more »

Upendra Chivukula: A Rising Star

Upendra has resided in Franklin Township, New Jersey for over 30 years with his wife, Dayci, his son, Suraj, and daughter, Damianty. Hard work and dedication have allowed Upendra to inspire the public's imagination. An engineer who speaks a half-dozen languages, a husband and father who serves as a Deputy Speaker in the NJ General Assembly, Upendra is a leader, innovator, and the embodiment of the American Dream. read more »

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